Renforcer votre confiance en vous
et votre plaisir de parler français

Effective Communication:

Learning French gives you the opportunity to make connections when traveling as well as forge lasting relationships with people in your own neighborhood.  In the workforce, the ability to speak another language shows volumes about your respect and dedication to the job.  Managers in every country will value your effort to accommodate to their operational needs, and will count your thorough linguistic talents as an asset to their team.

Enhanced Cultural Understanding:

Language is culture. Understanding French will help you to adapt better in Montreal and any city where French speakers live. Upon mastering French with IBS, you will have better chances to immerse yourself into city-life and will be better equipped to fruitfully interact with all peoples at your job.

Jumpstart Your Business And Career:

Speaking more than one language is a skill that increases your marketability. Employers tend to prefer candidates who speak more than one foreign language. You are living in Montreal a perfect opportunity to practice both English and French.

Next Sessions:

Beginner level: September 13th. 

Intermediate level: September 13th. 

Advanced level: September 20th. 

Our Instructors

Clean, Simple & Impactful

The warm and friendly atmosphere of our team offers you the perfect environment while learning and improving your French. Our team of highly-qualified professionals will be able to help you master this key language. The IBS teaching specialists are French native speakers with many years of experience in French education. They will adapt themselves to suit your needs and their main role is one of support and constant motivation. With their professional assistance, language ceases to be a barrier to your success and will instead become the platform upon which you attain it.

After completing the course, the students receive a certificate to prove this guided work has been carried out.


Practice area

Clean, Simple & Impactful

The aim of this course is to develop and improve the understanding of written and spoken French, and to learn how to write and speak French by working on grammar and vocabulary while also learning more about the French culture.

French is an invaluable tool for your career development. IBS is dedicated to help you pursue excellence in your endeavors, and we are here to ensure that you succeed should you decide to master this culturally-rich language. Here at the Imperial Business School, we consider French to be an asset for the following reasons.

Next Sessions

Places are limited

Beginner level: November 07th.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00 to 3:00 pm (new students)

Intermediate level: November 07th.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 3:00 pm (new and old students)

Advanced level: November 07th. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 to 3:00 pm (new and old students)


List of Required Documents

If you are a Permanent Resident

  • Permanent Residency Card
  •  - or Confirmation of Permanent Residence
  • CSQ – Certificat de Sélection (if applicable)
  • - or Medicare Card
  • Driver’s License (if applicable)
  • Proof of Address (lease, insurance, bank statement, bill, etc.)

If you are a Canadian citizen:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Driver’s License (if applicable)
  • Proof of Address (lease, insurance, bank statement, bill, etc.)